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Speak Free: Rallying against the private prison industry

  • Published on
    September 27, 2019
  • Written by:
    Jamison Liang
  • Category:
    Forced Labor
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The private prison industry is under fire. As the nationwide immigration crackdown continues, it is outrageous that the country’s two largest for-profit prison companies — GEO Group and CoreCivic — have seen their profits balloon after receiving billions in ICE-awarded contracts.

Now both companies face a slew of lawsuits for allegedly subjecting immigrants and asylum seekers to forced labor. Those who refuse say they’ve been threatened with solitary confinement or punished by having basic necessities denied.

But the public and Freedom United supporters are fighting back, standing up for the human rights and dignity of those exploited at the hands of GEO Group and CoreCivic. Here’s a look at some of you have been saying:

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