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Announcing Freedom Rings

Freedom United is excited to launch ‘Freedom Rings’ in early 2018 in partnership with the Rotarian Action Group Against Slavery. These localized small groups around the world will focus on Learning, Doing and Giving toward the effort to end human trafficking and modern slavery. Groups will be connected together using a new community technology platform. The ‘Freedom Rings’ platform is already underway and will provide a place for Rings to take on local projects, share their efforts, support one another and build a global comradery otherwise unattainable as individuals.

Whether your club is already working to end modern slavery, or you are interested in learning more just fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you soon. We’re looking forward to partnering with you.

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red sand project

Red Sand Project

Get creative with participatory artwork that raises awareness of human trafficking and exploitation.

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Woman sitting on a table with multiple pictures of her face printed on a poster that is in front of the table.

Dignity For Survivors

Ask the world’s four largest newspapers to treat human trafficking survivors’ stories with respect and dignity.

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