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Freedom United is excited to launch ‘Freedom Rings’ in early 2018 in partnership with the Rotarian Action Group Against Slavery. These localized small groups around the world will focus on Learning, Doing and Giving toward the effort to end human trafficking and modern slavery. Groups will be connected together using a new community technology platform. The ‘Freedom Rings’ platform is already underway and will provide a place for Rings to take on local projects, share their efforts, support one another and build a global comradery otherwise unattainable as individuals.

Whether your club is already working to end modern slavery, or you are interested in learning more just fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you soon. We’re looking forward to partnering with you.

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120 thoughts on “Join the fight against forced child marriage

    1. This is barely about rights, and it’s certainly not really about marriage. It’s about child rape and other forms of extreme violence. It’s about slavery. It’s about men treating women and girls like worthless garbage to be used as trade. It’s about the tolerance of this behavior all over the world, if even in secrecy. Fight is exactly right. Women out number men on this planet by a huge margin. It’s time WE stop tolerating crimes against our children and ourselves.

    2. This is so true. Unless we women stand up to be counted, and as you say there are a lot of us, little will really change. Sadly, many women are not in the postition to be able to do that, so it’s up to us who enjoy such freedom to be their voice. This is not a time for cmplacency, but action.

  1. I really want to come to a meeting or class here in Los Angeles California.. do you have or have I missed another one?

  2. This disgusts me a child of that age is a child, shes not fully developed until 16 years old, that man should know better hes a grandfather probably does he have any idea what he is doing, my daughter is involved with an older man butbshes now 42, shebfirst started dating him at 27 years old, hes 35 years older than her what is the fascination for older men wanting younger girls, theyre bloody perverts , phadeos , it makes me sick to the core, I pray and pray this gets stopped never to happen .

  3. Where’s the UN & the rights of the child? Sitting in their mansions -having meetings -doing nothing!!

  4. Civilized nations ? Time the so-called ‘Christian’ Right got its act together and became the militant Jesus driving the exploiters out of the Temple. There seems no voice of dissent among this lot. And I’m a Christian believing in the Jesus who stood with all who are oppressed.

  5. Absolutely appalling with out doubt, absolutely appalling. As the saying goes, ” The Land of the Free is a bad place to be “. Sheer hell for children. This and the GUN crimes are akin to something the devil has written. The USA is as uncivilised as Africa, The Middle East and it`s child brides.

  6. Having watched Plan UK’s video, I think education of the older generations is a very important step. The women need to educate their husbands and sons as to the impact this practice has on girls.

  7. Carrot and stick frequently work along with meaningful education. In the last analysis, enforced castration of anyone, male or female, involved in this evil practice, or would that place us back in the Stone Age ourselves? Dunno, might work with rapists too!

  8. Child & Forced marriage is a problem around the world. Bangladesh is fighting for combating these issues socially & legally. Only peoples awareness can stop this type of inhuman activities.

  9. This abominable practice must be stopped! Children should be protected, not
    used or abused. Forced marriage is abuse. There is no excuse for abuse!

  10. Do you want us to sign a petition?
    Responsible adults must oppose forced child marriage. These young women need us to protect

  11. Practices like this are just completely against life. Cultures in which this kind of stuff is allowed should not be allowed to spread out! Rather, they should be shunned by the rest of the world until they change their practices!! So sad for girls to be stuck in such families, and the spoon idea is pretty clever for now, but gotta be careful the word doesn’t reach the ears of the offenders!

    1. The “spoon idea” came from girls being taken back to their birth country for things such as FGM or forced marriage. It was meant to be an opportunity for them to tell airport authorities what was happening. The idea was to put a spoon somewhere in the girl’s clothing so that the metal detector would go off. That is only for the few who live in a different country, not for the millions who still live there.

  12. Any community allowing this barbarity should be thrown out of the host countries. You have to hit them in their pockets and as for “honour”, they do not even know what the word means. Host countries should make it 100% clear to foreign communities that barbaric customs will not be tolerated in any way and that the FULL weight of the law will descend upon them, followed by deportation. However, the idea of the spoon in the underwear is great – someone thought about that!

  13. Questo orrore si può, è si deve fermare ma solo con l’Unione di tutti noi europei. Solo tutti insieme, basta volerlo.

  14. “The males of all species that reproduce sexually are Parasites” quote by
    Professor S. Jones UCL. Its time men were put in their place which is
    “A biological afterthought”. quote by Prof. Francis L. Ward

  15. Educate the boy child so he grows up to be a responsible adult. Right now we are fire fighting. This is also necessary. How many more jails/fines ?

  16. Children are to be cared for by their parents, get an education and be of proper age to marry. Not the other way around.

  17. Parents Imposing Forced Child Marriage Should be Severely Punished by getting Heavy Prison Sentences by Courts.

  18. Surely it is time to end this dreadful practice of child marriage where young girls lives are ruined and instead of a good education, they become slaves. This does the nation no credit. If, as |i guess, poverty is one of the reasons, then we should do something about that. May all those girls who are victims know we are thinking of them, and hoping and praying that they may be enabled to find some kind of freedom, some kind of future, where they can reach their full, God given potential.

  19. This is purely tradition. No backing from any faith. Bride maturity and consent are requirements for a valid marriage in Islam.

  20. Feminist cause has established sound theoretical grounds and history of practice to fight against patriarchal violations like child abuse and forced marriage. Be in solidarity with feminist scholars and activists whenever, wherever possible.

  21. Forced marrisge needs to be eradicated and respective governments should take this problem with all seriousness and through education in schools etc.
    Help needs to be available to those who are subjected to this method without fear of reprisals.

  22. SHAME on governments that take no action against forced child marriages.
    the new slogan for india: NOT INCREDIBLE INDIA but SHAME INDIA, SHAME!

  23. Dear Freedom United,
    My name is Morgan Murchison,I am english by birth but now an Hungarian citizen and when I was younger about 24 my so called parents TOLD me that they were going to take me to the USA and force me into a marriage against my will with a girl of THEIR choosing and insinuated that I would be punched,kicked if I did not go along with it.Personally I think that this kind of thing is disgusting and abominable.

  24. Forced marriage has been a common practice in many societies world wide that it has become the norm in some cultures. I think one of the best way to eradicate this practice is by educating those cultures that support the practice of its effect on child human right, yes “ every child has the right to be a child and enjoy their freedom as children”. Additionally, the mentality of believing that women should only be subjected to their husband without having goals for themselves should be addressed.

  25. Every human has the right to make their own decisions, and a happy life. And forced marriage should hold a prison sentence for all those who are involved, in forcing a person to marry against their own will. Why do some think they have the right to take what they want.

  26. Everyone in the world has rights and we need to join together to stand up for each other like we would stand up to a bully on the street. Thank you for continuing to support these causes actively. There is strength in numbers. There are more that be with us than against us. We just have to stand up and do the right thing.We can do this!!!

  27. Horrendous that this still goes on the 21st century. Marriage and sex is for consenting adults only.theres no consent here its child rape and exploitation.

  28. Unbelievable that this horrible things still happen, What are they thinking?? Come on! This has to STOP immediately, You’re stuck in the past! Welcome the PRESENT time PEOPLE!

  29. Goodness me this is shocking, terribly disturbing that dear children are still being forced into marriages, what era are the adults who force this are in ??? , they need to catch up with the new modern kinder conscientious world , the new era. Very disturbing that this is allowed, disturbing.

  30. There is no “one best way” of fighting forced marriages of young girls, nevertheless,and in order to make the world better,fairer place, and to give young girls the opportunity to be all that they can be,we have to put enough efforts for youth -led development .

  31. So thankful that the Lebanese loophole is now closed. Will be continuing in prayer that girls can become what God created each one of them to be all around the world. And I can hardly believe it is “girl brides”…

  32. There is so much intervention and proxy wars against 3’rd world countries for mere profits but they cannot stop these vulgar practices of total insanity, I think not.
    The world is ruled by fear and all that promotes some kind of fear has increased so much over the last decades. There is no reason why this cannot be stopped as the UN could sanction such countries into oblivion, they would soon change their practices if it cost them their export business, believe me.

  33. It is difficult to understand why a parent would do this to their daughter. Poverty may have some role in this. Stopping it needs a combination of education, assistance of some sort to provide the means for people to support themselves, leadership from governments and changes in the law so this practice ceases worldwide as soon as possible.

  34. Forced marriage at any age is wrong – let alone when still a child!! Pedophilia comes to mind here and has to stop!!
    As for a girl or woman having to marry the ‘low-life’ who raped her is a disgusting law and must be banned now!!!

  35. Child brides is Child Abuse and it has to stop, and we all need to stand up for these beautiful children who have no rights, be their voice until they can claim back their rights to have a childhood.

  36. Girls & boys should always hAv a choice. I think no one should be forced to do anything they don’t want to. At the same space I was forced into School. I think All children should have More time with Their Parents. Girls & boys Should be Encouraged to take care of a home if they choose to. I feel Happy Taking care of My children Myself.
    What about the slavery that is the School & the Work force here as it stands. I would rather clean one bathroom in my home than 10 people’s.

  37. No child should be forced into a marriage! Children are precious, they should be left to grow and learn to live and love the right way, not be victimized and terrorized out of their childhoods!

  38. This is unacceptable, in the name of culture or religions the worst. Times are commuted really .. must stop it’s a shame

  39. Thesent kids aren’t mentally, emotionally and physically developed enough to fully understand what they’re being forced into, let them be children.

  40. Thesent kids aren’t mentally, emotionally and physically developed enough to fully understand what they’re being forced into, let them be children

  41. People of all nations need to rise up, and United Nations on their own or Amnesty International or similar aren’t enough. We need a nation where this exists, to simply say: enough is enough and be willing to stand up with values of integrity and purity and respect and dignity. Not promoting isolation, and degradation of a nations state.

  42. A marriage at this age, means stealing a life. How can a young, still growing person, ever hornor herself and grow to a true personility, if her voice got stolen, even bevor she could rise one up? How can a women teach her kids to buildl own thoughts and will, to be critical and self-reflectet, if she needs to grow them up, befor she could grow up by herself. This sytem of cildmarriage destroys to much! It needs an end!

  43. Child marriage robs girls of their chance to go to school, to grow up and choose a husband of their own, if that’s what they want. They;re forced into marriage at a young age, taken out of school, treated like slaves by older wives, and forced to have children long before they’re ready. This is no life.

  44. Forced marriage should not even be allowed between couples of same age, and when we are thinking of issues like Rape or Child Marriage mixed in it, it’s really a sorry state of a nation’s administration. It’s not 19th century going on. There must adequate laws and implementation to stop this, any ‘Marry Your Rapist’ laws should be repealed immediately. Rights of girls and women must be protected at all costs to stand for humanity.

  45. Sadly, forcing young girls into marriage is nothing new but it has always been morally wrong. This is just institutionalized pedophilia that must be exposed and stopped.

  46. Parents selling little girls to old men who force themselves on them, among other things, constitutes human trafficking.

  47. I’m inspired that so many around the globe can unite in giving young girls the basic human rights we take for granted in western world.

  48. Until we genuinely live by the principle that all people are created equal and have a fundamental right to enjoy the same freedoms and protections, we will not enjoy real peace and prosperity on this earth.

  49. Women should be allowed to choose who they marry and whether or not they wish to marry. It’s hard to imagine a worse fate than being forced to marry the man who raped you – or someone old enough to be your grandfather.

  50. Wherever we are, whatever we do, we must act against the forced marriage of the Children. Let’s React NOW! In Benin (West Africa), I was able to work with the youth movement with the help of UNICEF to launch the TOLERANCE ZERO Campaign for Children’s Marriages. Each country should do the same. Youth organizations have the opportunity to work for this.

  51. Forced child marriage, which involves the rape and enslavement of girls, is cruel and unacceptable. We as ethical human beings cannot tolerate this.

  52. Virtually all religions and creeds share the value of “Do to others as you would do to yourself.” No person selling or forcing child marriage would ever put themselves in this position. Don’t do this to others! Stop! Take a stand! Don’t let one more child’s life be ruined by an old tradition that hurts people.

  53. This abomination is probably a holdover from the days when people, on the average, died younger–hence societies saw it as necessary to start making as many babies as possible, as early as possible, to make up for all the children who could be expected to die before reaching maturity.

  54. It is morally wrong for any marriage to be forced but even more so to force children into a marriage. This practice should be banned worldwide as soon as possible.

  55. As the parent of a daughter and the grandfather of two granddaughters I cannot imagine how anyone could objectify these, or ANY human being as an object to be traded to another person.

  56. There is a misconception borne by many people even girls from advanced countries that once a girl had her first menstruation she turned into a woman overnight. Menstruation is only the very first stage of one lengthy course into womanhood; a course where not only bodily but also psychological maturity would be developed. Forced sexual act and forced pregnancy during this early stage will most definitely leave irreversible damages both physically and mentally to a girl.

  57. Marrying children to older men is wrong and shouldn’t be allowed. It is cruel and unnecessary. Please work to stop it happening.

  58. Absolutely agree. Child marriage is nothing less than child abuse and should be made a punishable offence.

  59. who defines when a girl becomes a woman? do girls magically become women at 16 or 18 years old? the age of consent also varies greatly all around the world

    1. Thank you for your comment. The most widely accepted definition for a child is up to the age of 18, in line with the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

  60. I have just one comment to make regarding Nevsun resources. As somebody who is a fairly experienced investor I can tell you that selling shares will have absolutely no effect on the company. The shares will simply be bought in the stock exchange by people with fewer moral scruples and the company will carry on regardless. Shareholders who own their shares directly have the right to attend the AGM and make their views know. Better to get shareholders on our side! The can speak out at the AGM!

  61. It may take a long time to change public opinion in countries where the male dominant tradition has held sway for hundreds of years. But the campaign must go on, for the sake of these most vulnerable young girls whose lives are ruined by unjust laws as well as traditions. The fear of greater women’s liberation must be overcome, for the sake of this and all future generations.

  62. child marriages is child abuse and must be eradicated in every country that practices such awful abuses on such young girls.


  64. Children should be children and be learning playing, not married to men twice their age and bringing babies in to the same fate as them, it’s sex slavery/abuse which must not be allowed to continue

  65. Child marriage I’d equivalent to chold sex abuse and enslavement. No government should allow this terrible exploitation of children.

  66. This evil practice is nothing less than legalised rape and child abuse and has no place in a civilised world. Every country that allows this to happen to their female children should be condemned and ostrsised by by the world.

  67. Forced child marriage is a treacherous means to facilitate rape and child abuse. Even if a child consented to marriage and sex it would still be rape as children are not capable of making an informed decision. These girls deserve a normal carefree childhood.

  68. Change scares a lot of people but is that any reason to stifle and keep in submission the promise and ability of countless girls waiting to emerge as competent young women? Who fears this change? And why? These are the questions that need asking.

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