Is Law the Best Weapon to Fight Trafficking?


Is law the best weapon to fight trafficking?  Perhaps. For example, when important cases go to court, it can change large company government policies.  The problem of slavery in supply chains is a strong example…

This strategy helped bring the end to the slave trade in Great Britain two and a half centuries ago.  Nick Grono heads the Freedom Fund: “Strategic litigation can be a catalyst for genuine, long-term change. It can … force government action, drive legal reform, punish perpetrators, and compel action by businesses to end or prevent abuses.  This is a really innovative approach because it gets the exploiter to the table. If a fisherman brings a case in a New Zealand court against a (fishing) company, they’ll probably just ignore it. But if you seize their multi-million dollar boat pending resolution of the court action, suddenly you get more attention.”

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Chip in and help end modern slavery once and for all.

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