My Freedom Day -

My Freedom Day

My Freedom Day is an annual student-led day to raise awareness about modern slavery and human trafficking.

A behind-the-scenes look at how Freedom United’s Executive Director, Joanna Ewart-James, spent My Freedom Day 2024.

Video editing by Chris McErlain

Freedom United exposes U.S. regression on child exploitation

The U.S. is facing unprecedented rollbacks in labor laws country-wide facilitating the exploitation of children. Read more here.

For My Freedom Day 2024, Freedom United partnered with the Atlanta International School. The students created awareness-raising videos to debunk common myths about human trafficking.

Student Films

The Woman in Red

“The Woman in Red” by Emma L. and Emma W. Emma W. (9th grade) is a film about child sex trafficking. It follows the experience of a young boy who is trafficked by a stranger, as well as his own thoughts and feelings about his experience.

The Basketball Model

A film by Tanvika J., Saiba S., Samira D., Jackson B., and Loganne S. (7th grade) debunking the myth that human trafficking only happens to women and girls and highlighting how traffickers use trust relationships to exploit.

Under the Surface

A film by Izzy K. (6th grade), debunking the myth that human trafficking always involves moving someone from one state or one country to another.

They're Not Strangers

A film by Graders Sophia B. and Georgina B. (8th grade) about a teenage girl who is trafficked by her uncle to debunk the myth that all victims are trafficked by a stranger.

You're OK Right?

A film by Alex K. (11th grade) debunking the myth that people in active trafficking situations always want to get help getting out.

Bee Traffic

A film by Taylor S. (8th grade) debunking the myth that being in a public area will keep you safe from becoming a victim of human trafficking.