Modern slavery registry -

Modern slavery registry

“This Registry is a fantastic resource for everyone in business, civil society and government wanting to eradicate modern slavery. Millions of activists can now use this Registry to review companies’ efforts and we will be highlighting the better informed company statements as examples of analysis and commitment to be emulated.”

Joanna Ewart-James
Executive Director, Freedom United

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The Freedom United community crowd-sourced companies’ modern slavery statements so that their efforts to help end modern slavery could be assessed by the Modern Slavery Registry. This includes companies with an annual turnover (revenue) of at least £36 million (about 45 million USD) operating in the UK who are required under the UK Modern Slavery Act to publish a statement on their website. The UK government had not provided a list of the companies, or a centralized repository, which was not launched until 2021. You can find out more about the Modern Slavery Registry here.

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The Modern Slavery Registry is managed by Business and Human Rights Resource Centre. Your information will be securely passed on to them by Freedom United who will protect your privacy and keep you updated on campaigns, news and stories about modern slavery.

*The company offered by the Random Pick may not be required to comply with the Modern Slavery Act.