Freedom United Fundraising Survey -


Freedom United Fundraising Survey

We're trying to understand what moves our community to donate to different anti-modern slavery initiatives. We appreciate your responses!

If you had $100 to donate to one of these fundraisers, which would it be?pick one!
Explain whymore details
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I prefer to donate to a fundraiser that mostly focuses on:pick one!
I prefer to donate to a fundraiser that:pick one!
Do you agree with these statements?
I prefer it when my donation goes directly to a victim or survivor of modern slavery.
I'm more likely to donate if I have a lot of detail about where my money will go and how it will be used.
I prefer to donate to fundraisers for initiatives in my local area or country.
I'm more likely to donate to an initiative when I know that there is generally a lack of funding for it.
Freedom United asks me to donate too often.
If you have any other comments or feedback on our recent fundraising initiatives, please add them here.Optional
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