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Create your own petition

Is there a modern slavery issue you want to campaign on? Start your own petition using the form below.

Ensure your petition copy and images meet the My Story, My Dignity guidelines.

All petitions will be reviewed by Freedom United.

Create your own petition
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What next?

  • Submit your petition information on the form provided.
  • A Freedom United staff member will review your petition and notify you if we have published it. If we have decided to not publish it, we will explain why.
  • Once your petition is published, you can start sharing it!
  • If you are having trouble with gathering signatures on your petition, Freedom United staff are happy to share and brainstorm ideas with you. You can reach out to us on [email protected] with the subject line “My petition” to set up a 30-minute call. 

Please note this functionality is so that you can take full control over your own campaigns. Freedom United is available to offer advice but will not necessarily be involved in campaign marketing.