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I stand with Melanie against modern slavery

Dear Friends,

I am the anti-slavery ambassador for Walk Free and Migrant Care, standing up for the rights of Indonesian migrant workers around the world.

Indonesia is a beautiful country known for its friendliness but, sadly, it also ranks 16th in the world for the largest number of people enslaved. Moreover, Indonesian migrant workers are known to earn the lowest salaries in Asian countries.

Sign this pledge and with your support I am confident that we can speak up and urge the Indonesian government to end modern slavery.

Melanie Subono, Anti-Slavery Ambassador


“The wife physically abused me on a regular basis. She forcibly cut my hair with the pretext that my hair had fallen in their food but that was absurd because I didn’t cook for them. Once she ordered her two dogs to bite me. I had about ten bites on my body, which broke the skin and bled. She recorded it on her mobile phone, which she constantly played back laughing. When one of the dogs vomited, she forced my face down to the vomit ordering me to eat it, but I refused. When I asked her why she kept abusing me in this way, she told me that it was because she was bored so this is how she passed the time.”

Stories like this are, unfortunately, all too common for Indonesian migrant workers.  Sadly, many Indonesians are unaware of the situations faced by thousands of Indonesians working in countries like Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia.

Will you join Walk Free, our partner Migrant Care, and anti-slavery Ambassador Melanie Subono in standing up for Indonesian migrant workers? Together, we can make a difference.

Sign our pledge now, and then forward the videos to your friends so that all Indonesians can join our movement and stand up against modern slavery.

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Migrant Care

Migrant CARE is an NGO that works to defend and protect Indonesian migrant workers and their families. Established in 2004, the organisation concentrates on strengthening migrant workers’ capacity and bargaining power. Migrant CARE provides advocacy for migrant workers, and supports organisations and networks in Southeast Asia.

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