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Fast fashion, a global phenomenon, has revolutionized the clothing industry, but its dark side looms large.

Behind the allure of affordable, trendy garments lies a deeply concerning issue: exploitation on a massive scale of people and the planet. In pursuit of low production costs, many fashion brands exploit vulnerable workers, subjecting them to abysmal conditions and meager wages. These labor practices are often linked to environmental degradation, with the industry’s rapid turnover of cheap clothing contributing to pollution and waste. This exploitation is fueled by our consumer culture’s insatiable appetite.

According to the Global Slavery Index 2023, G20 countries are collectively importing US$148 billion worth of apparel goods and US$13 billion worth of textiles at risk of being produced by forced labor every year.

The urgent need for change is undeniable. Ethical consumers are seeking alternatives, advocating for fair labor practices, sustainability, and an end to the fashion industry’s complicity in modern slavery and environmental harm.

People from all walks of life can make a significant impact on consumer culture. It is crucial for all of us to use the power of our choices and voices responsibly to advocate for sustainable and ethical fashion practices.

By taking the Freedom United fashion pledge, you can be part of the solution and make a difference in the world of fashion. 

Chip in and help end modern slavery once and for all.


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Roe Freeman
Roe Freeman
7 months ago

It’s capitalism , profit , exploitation of usually the poorest amongst us . Over production of things we don’t need, consumers have a lot to answer for in thinking they need this and that . The system – capitalism and all the above has done untold damage to the planet and to other forms of life. Human beings are unsustainable and that’s the reality and we are all culpable in that.

Fiona Kernick
Fiona Kernick
7 months ago

People can no longer ‘look the other way’ because it is convenient and they ‘want to look the part’ … exploitation should have no place in our modern world in all it’s forms, of which there are so sadly so many. I feel it is our duty as human beings to minimise any suffering of our fellow human beings. Thus we must all seek to stamp out exploitative practices governed by individuals and companies the world over.

Mélanie St-Hilaire
Mélanie St-Hilaire
7 months ago

Cruelty never looks good to me…

Jeanette Newell
Jeanette Newell
7 months ago

You would think in this era that slavery would have ended decades ago but no greed still prevails. Awful.

6 months ago

Capitalism is a belief system–that is what the siffix ‘ism’ means when attached to a word. it is a belief system in money/capital and the wealth and power it can create. What most people, at least in the US do not realize is that capitalism and democracy are not only not the same thing, which people are taught to believe, but are absolutely antithetical to each other. One is about money/power by any means possible; the other is about collective decision making promoting freedom and justice

Pledge to commit to sustainable fashion


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I believe that style should never come at the expense of people or the planet. I sign this pledge out of my love for fashion and commitment to ethical practice and sustainability: 

1. Educate and raise awareness 

I pledge to educate myself about the social and environmental impact of fashion. I will research and share information on the ethical and sustainable practices of brands, shedding light on the working conditions of garment workers.  

 2. Practice due diligence 

I will practice due diligence in my choices. I will research and vet products, brands and companies to ensure their commitment to fair labor practices and sustainability. I will not promote brands linked through their supply chain to grave abuses such as Uyghur forced labor. 

 3. Embrace slow and ethical fashion  

I pledge to embrace slow and ethical fashion. I will choose fashion labels that prioritize fair wages, safe working conditions, and sustainable sourcing over fast fashion. I will donate or rent clothing that I don’t use.  

4. Maintain transparency when marketing brands 

I will disclose if I am being paid for product promotion and/or brand sponsorship of content I share on social media. 

5. Support worker empowerment initiatives 

I pledge to support initiatives that promote and protect the dignity and rights of the workers behind products. This includes promoting organizations, campaigns, and projects that strive to improve working conditions, provide fair wages, and advocate for workers’ rights throughout the supply chain.  

Freedom United will protect your privacy while updating you on campaigns, news and stories about modern slavery.

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