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July 1, 2019: We did it! Today New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu signed House Bill 189 into law, which exempts child victims from facing criminal penalties for non-violent offenses committed as a result of human trafficking. THANK YOU to everyone who signed our petition!

End the Criminalization of Child Sex Trafficking Victims

Survivors of child sex trafficking need your help.

Instead of being treated as victims, children across the U.S. are being arrested for crimes they were forced to commit as a result of being trafficked.

But New Hampshire can change this injustice. By passing House Bill 189, the state can set an important national precedent for exempting child sex trafficking victims from criminal penalties for crimes they committed as a direct result of their victimization. The bill has already passed the House and is now being heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee.1

New Hampshire’s legislative session ends on June 30, so now is the time to show your support before time runs out.

New Hampshire is already on the right track — it is one of 28 states that currently have legislation stating that children cannot be charged for prostitution and that there is no such thing as a child prostitute.

House Bill 189 would extend protections for survivors of child sex trafficking to prevent them from being charged for “any other misdemeanor or non-violent class B felony, where the conduct was committed as a direct result of being trafficked.”2

“It was an extremely brutal time,” said one survivor of child sex trafficking who testified in support of House Bill 189.

“It’s often being raped, beaten up, dropped on the side of the road, drugged, gagged, choked out – it’s a very traumatic experience.”3

While being trafficked, she was arrested on multiple charges, including theft. But she committed the acts as an expression of pain.

“The need to boost those neurochemicals and escape from my reality was a big part of that,” she explained.

“It was a very hard life. You’re a victim and you’re treated like a criminal.”

Even though New Hampshire does not charge child sex trafficking victims for prostitution, many victims still carry criminal records for acts that their trafficker made them commit. These records follow children the rest of their lives, presenting barriers to obtaining safe and stable housing and employment.

Sara Hennessey, a state police sergeant with the Department of Safety, which is endorsing the bill, put it simply — this is about survival.

“They’re children – they’re being controlled by their traffickers,” she said.

“This isn’t a normal situation, it’s about a power control situation. The children who are in these circumstances are doing things to survive, maybe it’s something as simple as getting food to eat, or basic needs met.”


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Vivienne Nicolson
Vivienne Nicolson

Just makes you wonder where all the lost children taken from there parents at the border have disappeared to? Have they been trafficked? And who is responsible? America bow your head in shame!!!!


That is exactly what had been happening all along. The main stream media, RINO’s & most Democrats are silent on this matter. Since the Epstein re-arrest, this is going to open up a big can of worms.His money & blackmail= very short jail time, connections w/dirty politicians worldwide, judges, lawyers, doctors, and human trafficking brokers, Only, this time he & many others will be going down. Empty political seats will empty soon.

terry aneilia barishek

parents who send unaccompanied children should be the ones hanging their heads in shame – but they’re not, because they made money off the backs of those children

N Sharp
N Sharp

Are the perpetrators making this law? Perpetrators often blame their victims for their behaviour.


this is beyond cruelty, how can they ever recover from this torture? sad, please make this stop urgent


What sort of crimes are we talking about here?
I mean what crimes are these children forced to commit?


Primarily prostitution.


What hypcrits the US Govt is! We need empathy, we need solutions and most of all we need integrity from political leaders who could make a difference to this situation. Share it and sign it, get this petition out there!


There was lots of empathy, all for the powerful trying to protect the powerful and victimize the victims.

jane evon
jane evon

I wouldn’t exactly say America, most of us Americans arwe good people wether American from natural citizenship or someone who comes here from another country and becomes a citizen, I think the people you are talking about are the ones who control the law and look the other way, the ones who will take money at the expense of a human life, not the people who care bout all lives & fight for change the American citizens,

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