Nintendo: Slavery is not a game -

Nintendo: Slavery is not a game

Most electronics devices contain minerals that originate in the mines of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, often called “conflict minerals.”

And as you read this, men, women and children are being threatened with force – often at gunpoint – to work in Congolese mines where conflict minerals for our electronics devices come from.

Many big electronics companies have already taken steps to get rid of conflict minerals in their supply chain: Intel recently announced that all of their new microprocessors will be free of conflict minerals with Chief Executive Brian Krzanich urging the “entire industry” to follow suit.1

But Nintendo continues to lag behind and has yet to join the electronics industry audit program for conflict-free smelters nor has it required its suppliers to use only conflict-free smelters – the bare minimum requirement for taking action on conflict minerals.

Call on Nintendo to take the first step toward ensuring their products are free of conflict minerals mined with slavery by auditing their supply chain according to industry standards and making this information public.

Chip in and help end modern slavery once and for all.

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