Monster: investigate slavery risk in your drinks

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To: Rodney Sacks, CEO and Chairman of Monster Beverage,

I believe that Monster Beverage’s assertion of “minimal risk” of slavery and human trafficking in its supply chain is incompatible with research on forced labor and human trafficking in sugarcane production, one of the main ingredients in your products.

As a market leader in energy drinks, Monster Beverage should demonstrate its commitment to ensuring that slavery and human trafficking do not occur in its supply chain by providing the criteria, its methods and analysis for assessing the risk of slavery and human trafficking.

We urge you to:

– Support the passing of Proposal Four, Stockholder Proposal Regarding a Slavery and Human Trafficking Report, at Monster’s AGM in June, submitted by As You Sow, and to

– Release a report by November 15, 2018 that accurately reflects the risk of slavery and human trafficking in Monster Beverage’s sugar supply chain.