End exploitation in the Thai chicken industry

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To: F.A.O. Betagro C.E.O. Mr. Vanus Taepaisitphongse
CC: Thai Broiler Processing Exporters Association

I am shocked and horrified to learn about labor exploitation alleged to have occurred on Thammakaset farms, a former supplier in Betagro’s supply chain.

Rather than suspending or cutting ties with suppliers that fail to meet labor standard practices, I urge the Betagro and the Association to instead work within your supply chains to ensure all workers are fairly treated and will not face industry retaliation for speaking out about labor violations.

In light of the recent Supreme Court decision to award compensation to the workers and the ongoing defamation cases I call on Betagro and the Association to:

  1. Pledge that all members and your suppliers will not retaliate against abused workers or their allies who seek justice.
  2. Investigate working conditions in all your poultry supply chains and resolve further uncovered cases of exploitation and ensure all workers are able to raise grievances.