Prevent domestic slavery in your home


Help us reach 10,000

I believe that no person should be forced or trapped in any work, whether in my own family home, or any other work place. I’ll be outraged if someone took my son or daughter, took their labour for free, and treated them like a slave.

By signing this pledge, I’m taking a stand against domestic slavery and ensuring that “My Home is Slavery Free”.

I pledge to:

– Not employ anyone below the age of 18 years;
– Verify my domestic worker’s identity with the local police;
– Check the recruitment process to ensure no illegal fees have been paid. I commit to pay the brokerage/agents fee (costs of recruitment) myself, so my domestic worker does not incur debts before she/he arrives at my house;
– Pay salary directly to my domestic worker, preferably in her/his bank account, and in accordance with the minimum wages set by the state government;
– Ensure that my domestic worker is in regular touch with her/his family;
– Ensure that she/he is not working more than 8 hours a day and has a weekly day off.