Tell Australia to propose a strong modern slavery law

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We commend the Australian Parliament for taking bold first steps toward creating a modern slavery law that could greatly impact the lives of millions of people working under conditions of forced labor.

We know all too well that many workers in Asia endure forced labor to bring us the garments, foods, electronics and other goods we enjoy. With nearly half of Australia’s imports coming from the Asia Pacific, where an estimated 30 million people are living in slavery, you have an opportunity to ensure the law is strong, protects victims and holds businesses accountable.

Please don’t let this be a missed opportunity to make a real impact on the global slavery problem. We urge the Australian government to be a regional and global leader against slavery by proposing a strong and effective modern slavery law that:

  1. Ensures victims of slavery are provided their entitled human rights protections;
  2. Establishes an accessible and centralized way for companies to report on modern slavery;
  3. Sets a reporting requirement for all companies with a revenue of at least $25m, with an effective way to ensure compliance;
  4. Covers government procurement; and
  5. Appoints an Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner to make sure the law is implemented well