Urge the German government to vote YES on the CSDDD!


Help us reach 10,000

I am calling on Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the German government to vote YES to pass the E.U. Corporate Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD).

As promised in their coalition contract, the German government vouched to support the creation of due diligence laws in Europe. Now, they need to keep their word.

The CSDDD could be a game-changer to help stop human rights and environmental abuses in the E.U. Businesses within the scope would thus be compelled to prevent and mitigate modern slavery in their supply chains.

Consumers like us look to Germany to lead the E.U. in protecting individuals from exploitation. Germany has no justifiable reason not to endorse these crucial protection measures that will help ensure products entering the E.U. do not rely on the exploitation of others.

Mr. Scholz, vote yes to the CSDDD!