Call for justice for Sajita

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Dear Ms. Claudine Aoun, Mr. Moustafa Bayram, and Mr. Abbas Ibrahim,

Sajita Lama is a former migrant domestic worker who arrived in Lebanon in 2010 and is currently residing in the country. For the first year and nine months of her employment, Sajita was paid for her domestic work in her employers’ home in Lebanon. But after that, her wages stopped. Sajita was forced to work for nine years with no pay and her employers confiscated her legal documents so she couldn’t leave. She was trapped.

Sajita managed to escape her employers’ home in August 2021 but without her wages, she is unable to return home to Nepal. That’s why we’re calling on you to support Sajita’s case, ensuring she is paid in full for her nine years of work so that she can rebuild her life.

Yours sincerely,