End forced organ harvesting


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To all national legislatures:

Forced organ harvesting and organ trafficking are appalling crimes taking place around the world. I believe every government has a responsibility to take action to combat these horrific human rights abuses.

We are encouraged by legislation passed by seven governments – South Korea, Belgium, Norway, Italy, Taiwan, Spain, and Israel — that address the problem and we fully support new laws being proposed in Canada (Bill S-204) and the UK that would make it a crime to receive organ transplants abroad where informed consent has not been given or where the organ has been recklessly obtained or illegally purchased.

Organ transplants can save lives, but they must be done ethically and with complete transparency if they are to be free from human trafficking for the purpose of organ removal and organ trafficking.

Forced organ harvesting is known to be linked to organ transplant tourism, driving home the point that all governments must educate their own citizens against receiving transplants abroad where organ trafficking persists and victims include political prisoners, ethnic minorities, and persecuted religious communities.

For these reasons, I urge national legislatures in every country to take up legislation to finally tackle these crimes at the international level.

112 signatures have also been collected by our partners at International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China (ETAC) – France.