End slavery in the U.S. prison and detention industry

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We are calling on all public and private prisons, immigration detention centers, and associated contractors: 

For too long the United States public and private industry has gotten away with exploiting labor from incarcerated people and immigrant detainees, often earning massive profits in the process, at worst under threat of penalty or punishment. We won’t accept this system of exploitation that in some cases is tantamount to modern slavery. 

We are calling on all sectors to divest and cut contracts with abusive facilities and reform contracting so that incarcerated people and immigrant detainees are paid fair wages. 

This includes: 

  • Demanding that all local governments and private companies comply with the Trafficking Victims Protection Act and stop profiteering from forced labor and slavery in public and private prisons. 
  • Challenging the 80% dedication rate from the PIECP program so that incarcerated people and detainees receive fair wages for all voluntary work.