Face and shoulders of a smiling woman with straight long blonde hair, wearing a blue top, navy jacket, blue earrings and two gold chains, against a white background

Kiki Lindenau

Advocacy Officer

Kiki Lindenau serves as Advocacy Officer at Freedom United. Kiki is originally from Germany and holds a degree in BA International Relations and International Organization from the University of Groningen, Netherlands. Having lived in nine countries and traversed the globe extensively, Kiki's realisation that freedom is one of humanity's most precious gifts became her driving force. Her travels broadened her perspective, fostering a deep appreciation for the value of liberty and self-determination. It was during these journeys that Kiki recognised the stark disparities in freedom that exist worldwide. Her passion now extends beyond borders, focusing on reducing consumption and dismantling the fast fashion industry, recognising its direct link to exploitation. Before joining Freedom United, Kiki was the Movement Building Coordinator at Free the Slaves, where she organised the transformative Freedom from Slavery Forums. These events brought together hundreds of like-minded individuals, igniting innovative solutions to combat modern slavery and human trafficking. As Advocacy Officer at Freedom United, Kiki harnesses her insatiable curiosity, cultural openness, and steadfast commitment to global justice to work towards a world where freedom is a fundamental right for all. She firmly believes that every individual should have the opportunity to experience the profound gift of freedom, and she tirelessly strives to turn this vision into reality.