Jared Bradley - Marketing Technology Officer

Jared Bradley

Jared is from the tiny non-island Caribbean nation of Belize. Jared is passionate about making technology make sense and be accessible for everyone around him. As such he’s used his formal education in Computer Science to enrich the lives of others s instead of taking an approach that is sadly common within the tech industry in Belize - capitalizing on and exploiting peoples’ lack of technical knowledge. That passion for equitable learning and opportunity eventually lead Jared to the realization that the only way he could change how things work around him, is to step in and demonstrate that it can be done. Jared now works in the digital marketing field assisting local non-profit organizations and small businesses achieve their online goals; by providing or donating the tools needed for these groups to thrive. Before joining the Freedom United, Jared was working with an agency, and was only loosely familiar with the concept of modern slavery and just how it’s present in quiet ways all around us. He's now doubled down on his commitment to promoting and creating equitable opportunities in his local sphere and contributes to the global fight by applying his technical aptitude at Freedom United to someday, end modern slavery and labour exploitation.