Gavin Jocius

Founder & Principal River Wise Ventures

Gavin Jocius is a knowledgeable digital marketer with over fifteen years of experience in information technology, ecommerce and digital communications working in education, as well as public and private companies. Gavin is currently the Founder & Principal River Wise Ventures. Gavin’s prior roles include EVP of Art for Circle Graphics, responsible for Canvas on Demand, Great BIG Canvas, and Imagekind, three leading online retailers of custom and licensed works of art, the Director of Information Technology and Web Services at Duke University Alumni Affairs and the Global Marketing Director at, an online publisher in Raleigh, North Carolina.  There he helped authors sell and promote their books electronically and in print format with distribution to the iBookstore, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Gavin earned a Masters of Arts degree from Duke University in 2009.