Elizabeth Salett Headshot

Elizabeth Salett

Elizabeth Salett has been a trail blazer in the field of international counseling and multicultural services for more than 30 years.  As a Founder and past President of the National MultiCultural Institute, she focused the organization on increasing understanding and communication among persons of different racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Her work drew more than 50,000 participants to the Institute through NMCI’s conferences and training programs on the issues of diversity and multiculturalism. As a Founder and past President of the International Counseling Center, she developed a multilingual mental health referral network with clinicians speaking many different languages to serve the Washington, D.C. area. It was one of the first such resources in the country helping to link schools, hospitals, mental health centers, and embassies with mental health practitioners who could speak different languages and understand diverse cultures.

Elizabeth is also a longtime member of the National Association of Social Workers and has spent much of her life working to shine a light on the issues that impact countless lives across the globe. Deeply concerned  about the growing issue of human trafficking she was moved to create an extensive data base and resource to raise awareness and help prevent and eliminate modern forms of slavery and sexual exploitation, humantraffickingsearch.org