Migrants held in Libyan detention centers. Photo credit: AFP

Migrant: ‘Daily Beatings, Starvation’ by Libyan Forces

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Palestinian migrant, Osama Murad, travelled to Libya with the hope of reaching Europe.

Yet he was kidnapped and arrested by an armed group that took him to Libyan intelligence in Tripoli. He soon found himself locked up in a Libyan detention center, where he says Libyan forces subjected him and other migrants to forced labor and torture.

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“We were treated like slaves,” Murad recalls.

“We were ten Palestinians and about 30 African migrants in one center where we were tortured daily with iron tools, electric shocks, and we were also subjected to daily beatings, starvation, and suffocation.”

Murad’s experience reveals the the extent abuses at the hands of Libyan state institutions.

Al Arabiya reports:

Despite their legal entry into Libya, the immigrants were imprisoned in detention centers and were subjected to “unimaginable horrors, including emotional and physical torture, electrecution, and starvation.”

They were forced to work long daily hours of hard labor and were threatened with death if they refused to work. One immigrant was shot to death when he refused to work, according to Murad.

“They transferred us from one place to another like animals, working in farms and construction sites in terrible conditions without getting paid.”

“We were put into tiny solitary rooms where we were unable to move or breathe.”

Murad and other Palestinian migrants were locked up for four months before the Palestinian embassy in Libya managed to intervene and secure their release.

Most migrants have not been so lucky, with hundreds still being held in immigration detention centers where they face inhumane living conditions and exploitation.

Despite clear evidence from Murad’s case and countless others who have managed to escape Libyan detention centers, the Libyan state has done little curb the abuses of migrants and refugees.

Chip in and help end modern slavery once and for all.

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