Take a Strong Stand

Against Human Trafficking


Freedom United is here to help you take a stand against human trafficking - whether it's helping you to raise awareness, advocate for change, or fundraise for freedom.

You have a lot of power to push for change. As a consumer, a citizen and a member of society - you have a voice. At Freedom United, our mission is to amplify that voice and make it stronger. So we created this resource. 

If you’re willing to take a few minutes each day for a week, in seven short days you will:  

→ Be better informed about who is at risk and what the problem really looks like.

→ Be empowered to ask your government representatives to make a difference.

→ Know how your purchases can help survivors… and help push businesses to take action.

→ Have some resources to help raise awareness in your community & workplace.

→ Feel like you’ve taken your first big steps to take a stand against human trafficking.

Ready? Let’s get started.

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Take a Strong Stand Against Human Trafficking

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When you think about human trafficking, it’s easy to feel powerless
The estimates seem impossibly huge - 40 million people worldwide. The stories are heartbreaking. And even experts disagree about the best ways to protect victims and empower survivors.